Taking My Thoughts Captive

Motivation to Live Well 5/5/2010
"Keep a journal in your purse or night table to jot down thoughts of inspiration.  Meditate on those thoughts often."

I keep THIS one in my purse....Tonight I'm taking one up to my night table. Writing down my thoughts has helped me sort them out and prioritize them, and remind me of my commitments to follow through with exercise, reading, or other goals.

See more about "taking thoughts captive" at my Life & Godliness blog, if you're interested...


  1. I love to journal Rebecca. But I can't write very well any more. It just hurts too much. But I still do it as much as I can! I only wish that I would have started years ago.
    Love Di ♥

  2. "Journal" may not be accurate for this post. Just a notebook/datebook to jot down things I need to do in the morning, people to call, etc. so I don't forget.

    I DO journal - but that definitely could make your joints hurt if you have problems with finger joints, etc.

  3. I really like this idea. Just jotting down a few thoughts to start and/or end the day helps sort things out without feeling one has to write pages and pages. I'm going to read about taking thoughts captive at your other blog and put a journal by my bed too.

  4. I'm enjoying a reading "catch-up" on your blogs today.
    Adherence to my routines are critical on a day-by-day basis. Whenever I allow negative thinking to take center stage over gratitude (for whatever is going on or not), I find the downward spiral is waiting around the corner :-(

    The commitment sets the gauge and then I create a "to do" list daily. Being the organizing geek I am, I get a true "thrill" to check-mark each promise I've made to myself :-) And I always find it helpful to keep my motivation up by reading inspirational materials or centering my thoughts and turning over my concerns in those quiet moments.