I Heard That!

"What you tolerate, you cannot change."  I was only half-listening to a political talk show when a caller quoted someone who said that.  I fumbled around for a pen to write it down, repeating it to myself so I didn't forget it!  I heard nothing else.  It hit me like a ton of bricks!

It belongs in THIS blog of mine.  It applies and explains some of the difficulty I'm facing in reaching my goal of 135 pounds. 

Inspiration and encouragement comes from the most unexpected places!


  1. That was definitely a great quote, Rebecca. Very meaningful and very true. Thanks for sharing. Sincerely, Susan

  2. I can see how that quote can be inspiring. It sounds good to me. It can be difficult losing those last few pounds. When I lost 40 plus pounds and was trying so hard to make it an even 50, I never made it. But I was glad for the weight that I did lose. I wish you much luck on your goal. Somehow I get the feeling that you can do it Rebecca!
    Love Di ♥

  3. That is a good quote. I'm quite frustrated myself with my weight loss efforts as I try to lose my first 10 pounds. Period. I can't even think that far ahead to the last 10.

  4. I read those words and grabbed a pencil and paper to write that down. Powerful words I'm going to put them where my family can read them daily. Thank you!

  5. Oh Rebecca,
    Thanks for sharing that quote!
    How true! And I have been tolerating my increased craving for carbs. Pure and simple, I have been unwilling to return to the self-disciple that I was enjoying!
    Ah, but all is not lost and I can start today!