The moment you stop saying "if" and start saying "when" is the moment your dreams start becoming a reality.

I'm SAYING when.  This afternoon.  After church!  No more ifs, ands, or buts (at least as long as I remember this...).

Reading Cindy's post was great motivation for me.  And the Lord knows I needed motivation.  Thanks, Cindy!

Blogging friends, let's get it going - or keep it going (depending on your current situation).  The encouragement and inspiration we pass back and forth are REALLY helpful--and in the end, it really is up to us to do what WE can do to be healthy and fit.


  1. That was a very powerful video on Cindy's post, Rebecca. Thanks for recommending it. With God's help, I'm DETERMINED to get to a normal weight. Thanks for the reminder. Sincerely, Susan

  2. Oh I so love your enthusiasm, I want some of it for sure.......:-) Hugs