Healthy Eating - No Excuses!

My short morning visit to Donna's home brought unexpected pleasures with it! She loaded me up with produce from their large and well-tended garden. The beets are already on the stove top boiling. I'll fix up some of my grandmother's dressing for the lettuce and munch with pleasure on the raw kohlrabi.

I had no sooner pulled out of her driveway than I noticed these two fawn. The movement of my car frightened them, and they bounded further into the field in PERFECT rhythm. No ballet performance could match their symphony of movement. I slowed the car in hopes that I might be able to photograph them. They stopped to pose, and I snapped the camera.

What a lovely morning it was! Thanks to Donna and her sister, Brenda, the photographer of the two smaller photos.


  1. Oh it is so wonderful to eat fresh produce right off the warm earth!

    Enjoy them dear friend ;)

    lady m

  2. Stopped in to see your photo Rebecca...I think it is beautiful...the whole scene would make a beautiful painting...and Donna seems to know what she's doing...great garden!