I'm Back!

After I napped a couple of hours yesterday, I "emerged" from my Grandmother Retreat. We went to Applebees to eat an adult meal. I was happy to find salmon on the menu and enjoyed it very much (I brought 1/2 home for a meal today). Then both Gary and I got haircuts. We vegged in front of TV and watched a Garrison Keilor special. He is one of my favorite entertainers, and it was a relaxing way to end the day.

I woke up this morning feeling "back". I walked 30 minutes, drank some water, and am celebrating the loss of another pound.


  1. Being a grandmother, is such a privilage. But ahh....just hubs and I...is rich and rewarding. I'm so glad that you enjoyed your "two"-gether time.

  2. Congrats on losing another pound sweetie.

  3. Welcome back; it's great to see you lost another pound. Thanks for the inspiration.

    Mrs. Teapot

  4. Good for you for getting back on track. I've sort of fallen off the wagon so to speak with the tyranny of the urgent interferring with keeping track of my food journal and exercise. I'm motivated to get going again.