My Sugar Test (I Passed!)

My sugar test happened sooner than I expected! Every stop on the garden walk this morning included refreshments! Here were rhubarb, zucchini, and banana nut breads, cookies, and sweet teas and lemonade. My husband and I split a small piece of rhubarb bread just for the taste of it. Fortunately, bottled water was also available and a welcome provision at each stop. If you'd like to see pictures from the first two gardens on the garden walk, go to today's post at Life and Godliness.


  1. Oh what a lovely display of food...and I can not eat any of it :(

    How hard it is to know that this kind of food is not good for me, but it is so good to know that you resisted the temptation and enjoyed just a small piece...


    lady m

  2. Congratulations, Rebecca. I know that is not easy, especially when it is displayed so beautifully and amidst a garden. I am proud of you. This motivates me to do the same.

    Have a blessed Lord's day.

  3. Good for you! I'm staring down cookies today so you've inspired me to stay strong.

  4. p.s., I added a link to this blog at my Lose the Excuses, Lose the Weight blog.