"Wary" in Doing Good?

Cagey like a fox
A few days ago, spell check let "wary" pass for "weary". I didn't catch it myself until later. I decided to let it stand and do a little dictionary work.

As it turns out, "wary" has a GOOD side and a NEGATIVE one. It can mean watchful, careful, alert, vigilant, heedful--all of which are good. Whether in health habits, speech, actions or anything related to life and godliness, in this sense we should all be "wary".

However, it can also mean skeptical, openly distrustful, guarded, unwilling to confide, cagey. In THIS sense, we should NOT become "wary" in well doing. In fact, I think "wariness" might contribute to "weariness"! At any rate, it bears repeating:
Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time
we will reap a harvest if we do not give up." Galatians 6:9
Hmmmm. That "proper time" business just jumped out at me this time! I'll have to think THAT one over...


  1. Food for thought!! Great post. Hi to a fellow "hoosier".

  2. This was a great post for me and gives me something to think upon today.

  3. Dear Rebecca,

    Thanks for the lesson in "hermeneutics", if you will. It's good to be aware of words and the meanings because it does make a big difference.

    Hmmm, 'the proper time' or 'in good season' as the NKJV states... 'in God's perfect timing, maybe?'

    Grace and peace to you,
    Mrs. Teapot

  4. Rebecca,

    Nice to meet you!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting.
    This verse from Galatians has also sustained me through some very difficult trials. (I almost typed "trails" which also applies!)
    I too am stuck on a plateau, not of my choosing.
    Will stop back to glean more insight.
    Love in the Lamb ~

  5. Amen! I am still having trouble posting a comment on your life and godliness blog so i popped over hear. It is not your blog. It is a problem with my microsoft and when my computer savvy son visits i will have him take a look. I have a problem with a couple of the other blogs i visit. I like words, even though i do not use them correctly. I like to dig deep when i do bible study and look up words in a verse. It is amazing how one word can change the way i first read a verse. I did enjoy my outing yesterday and you would have been very welcome to join us. I hope you are having a good day. I will be back to visit soon.