Why the P, L & SC BLOG?

...Primarily to fulfill the accountability niche spoken about in today's Motivation to Live Well quote:

A key factor in achieving our goals is accountability.
Be accountable to God as well as each other.
(It works! GOD works!)

This blog is my prayer. This blog is my "check in" moment. This blog is a reminder to myself of how the Lord has blessed me and the goals He has put in front of me. This blog is a place to encourage others to pray, to check in, to remind themselves of God's grace and high calling.


  1. Dear Rebecca,

    I am thankful to the Lord for giving you the desire to create this blog, and I am thankful to you for heeding to His voice. This blog is an encouragement to me.

    Mrs. Teapot

  2. I totally agree with Mrs. Teapot! It is such an encouragement to all of us that read it, but also, it makes you want to share your achievements.

    Thank you dear friend ;)

    lady m