After my first 30 minute indoor walk of November, I went to my closet.  I recently came across the blog of a very creative woman.  I am quite conservative in my dress - but there is something in me that aspires to the verve and excitement that Della expresses through her wardrobe every day.

She is SO funny - has a great talent in expressing her views in very humorous ways.  I digress.

This necklace is a Della-esque venture for me.  I need SOMETHING to keep me perkin' this month!  (If you want to see the rest of the outfit, just click on the picture.)


  1. You are an inspiration--having such fun after losing extra weight! You wear it well--the necklace et al.

  2. Hi Rebecca,
    I went to visit Della's blog and it was very cute! But today you were the one to inspire me. I am sooo tired of my clothes. I must go thrift shopping soon. Jake will be back to work, Lord willing, in about a week and a half!! Thanks Rebecca! Love Di

  3. I forgot to say that I absolutely adore that necklace! Love Di