Making Lemonade

When life hands you lemons......and all that jazz!

Our Saturday morning was planned, or so we thought.  I exercised by riding my bicycle to arrive right on time (8:00 a.m.) for the opening of the United Methodist Church Bazaar.  It was a beautiful, windless morning and it felt good to ride.  There were not as many vendors as in the past; fewer handmade items, etc.  So I rode home with fewer ideas than in past years.

While there, however, I heard that a supermarket was selling turkeys for $.40/pound!  I called my sister to make sure she had room in her freezer (I only have the one in my refrigerator, and it is full).  Then I called my husband to pick me up on his way to the same supermarket to get his oil changed in his car.  He had called yesterday and they said they opened at 9:00.  We were there by 8:50 only to find out that they had actually opened at 7:00 and there was now a 2 hour wait.  The turkeys were gone, too.

We drove to the closest oil change facility, paid an extra $10 (ouch!), and I walked to the supermarket competitor nearby to check out their turkey prices.  Too high. But I kept walking up and down aisles until my husband called to say the oil change was complete.

My lemonade?  I've had my 30 minute walk!


  1. On the other hand, if you don't eat the turkey, you don't have to walk?
    Nevermind, I'd rather eat the turkey and take the walk!
    You will find the perfect turkey yet Rebecca!
    Love Di

  2. And the moral of your story..."Don't be a turkey when you can be a swan!"

    Hope your weekend is full of unexpected joy!

  3. Thank goodness for lemondade!
    I smiled....

  4. I've never seen turkeys for 40 cents/# since I've been buying them! I bought a 19 pound Honeysuckle on Friday for 59 cents/# and thought I did well! How wonderful that you got both a bike ride and a walk in!