"Short term gain equals long term pain.  Short term pain equals long term gain.”

How true is this?!  The whipped cream on top of the latte, the "just this time" failure to exercise, the slack we give ourselves when we excuse our lack of action due to feelings or other circumstances, toleration of a day or two to pass without prayer or reading of God's Word, short-cuts to reach a goal....

For the moment these all seem OK.  Pleasurable even.  We feel we gain time or emotional or physical satisfaction by these choices.  We who are Christians even pass off these choices as an exercise in Christian freedom.

Then comes the inevitable reality - long term pain.  In our pain, we turn to our faith and the strong arms of God expecting  quick relief from it - much like Tylenol for a headache.

What's wrong with this picture?


  1. This is so true, isn't it? Then so often when God doesn't give His answer or give clear direction right away, we are tempted to doubt, or worse yet, take things into our own hands instead of waiting on Him. The longer we walk with Christ, though, the more we develop the fruit of the Spirit, like patience, knowing and trusting that in His own perfect timing He is working out all things for our ultimate good. I've been His follower for more than 50 years, and unfortunately I have to admit I still have the lapses you speak about here! But we have no choice but to run back into those strong arms, that are always waiting and willing to receive us again.

  2. Oh so true my friend, even as christian we still have burdens and having God to turn too does ease them some. Oh I do need more discipline in my life, you are so inspiring Rebecca.......:-) Hugs

  3. You truly encourage me, thank you.

  4. Oh Rebecca,

    I wish I had read this BEFORE I nibbled on the piece of pumpkin bread I brought home from the restaurant! I didn't eat it there and should have told the waiter to waive the offer.
    Self-control continues to be such a struggle and I know it boils down to FOCUS.

    Thanks for your challenging reminder.
    Have a blessed weekend.

  5. Well put Rebecca. Reminders, reminders, reminders! I think you should publish this post monthly. Although I have been a good girl this week. I have worked out and read my bible. Not at the same time of coarse! But feel free to kick me in the butt once and awhile, I need it!
    Love you, Di