Healthy Holiday Tip #2

Even if you think you can't dance - get up and shake to the music; if you have arthritis in your knee, dance while sitting.  The more you move your body, the more calories you'll burn!  Movement will also clear excess sugar and "bad" cholesterol from your blood (I'm told).  It will help you to relax and this will lower your blood pressure.

(I'm going to put the laptop down right now, get up and shake to some music!  For 30 minutes!)


  1. WOW you are full of energy is good to get up and move for sure...great suggestion and you my friend not only talk the talk but dance the dance......Happy, Happy Thanksgiving my friend.........:-) Hugs

  2. Good for you. I have two left feet and didn't grow up dancing so always feel a bit inadequate. Did take about six lessons one time but that was ten years ago. Today, however, I raked leaves for three hours with my houseguest--who is almost as good as a daughter--at her new-to-her home. They will move in on Dec. 5th. I will miss them! It was so satisfying to rake--plus I did my shuffle jog for 3.1 miles in prep for Thursday's Turkey Trot. I hope those two things count. :-)

  3. Brenda, I wasn't even allowed to SQUARE dance! I still don't actually dance. I DID do some serious moving yesterday though :)