Holiday Health Tip #7

Resist the inclination to wear loose-fitting clothes.  Elastic waist bands may be comfortable, but they give a false sense of what is actually happening to your waist-line!

This is what I'm wearing today.  I chose to use a shadowy picture to try to cover up the grimace on my face!


  1. You do tend to overeat when you wear elastic waist in skirts or pants.

    Thanks for the tip :)


  2. Hi Rebecca,

    Why the grimace? You look great!
    And I LOVE your quote at the top of your blog.
    I need to live with gusto and not give into feeling tired and overwhelmed.

    I do appreciate the tip about elastic giving a false "permission" to overeat. The battle is fierce but I am so grateful to have lost 52 pounds since June 11th. YEAH GOD!

    Hope your week will be a blessing.

  3. Jess, Congratulations on losing those 52 pounds! That is awesome! My grimace was because these jeans are just a tad snug. I need to wear them to remind me that I want to continue to fit comfortably in them! If you happen to read this, would you let Lisa Shaw know that I'd like to be included in her readership. I'm not sure how to get in touch with her.....

  4. Oh so true and so many of us turn to elastic waist slacks/jeans/sweat suits especially at this time of jeans are my scale, I can always tell if I am gaining or losing weight when I fasten them...great advice..
    :-) Hugs

  5. I read all your tips ~ GREAT ADVICE!

    But I have to say of this one I am guilty! If we are going out to dinner, I purposely don't wear my jeans, and most times I even reach for elastic-waist pants!
    I just hate to waste a good meal, especially if we're eating in a really nice restaurant with delicious food that we pay dearly for!
    We hardly ever go out anymore though, it really is too expensive.
    All the best,

  6. How did you know that after I came home today, I swapped my zippered, buttoned pants for my lounge pants!!!
    You are SO right though ;o)

  7. O.K. grimaced faced or not, I am so envious of your long legs! I am tired of being a munchkin,
    however used to it I may be! And I do love your tip Rebecca, That is one that I believe in.
    Love Di

  8. Maria, I DIDN'T know! (But NOW I do.)

  9. Diana, I think you'd have to take the bowed leg along with the long legs (although I've never thought of my legs as long....). I think I've told someone before that the mirror angle probably makes my legs look longer than they actually are. We've got to work with what we've got, don't we? And thank God for what we've got!