Healthy Holiday Tip #3

If the weather prevents walking outdoors combine a shopping trip with your exercise. Indoor malls are great places to walk and many have walking clubs.  Get there early before the crowds get too heavy. If you are planning on shopping in a particular store, park near and entrance on the opposite end of the mall - even if time is short you will still get some exercise.

I actually did this yesterday - at WalMart - while we waited to meet our daughter and grandchildren.  I have done it before, too.  Just walked the perimeter several times.  I like doing this!


  1. Now aren't you the smart one, they do have a walking club in the city at the Mall, these people arrive very early and walk for half an hour.....sadly I only know this because I watched a thing about them on TV. It is a wonderful idea Rebecca....enjoy your day with your family tomorrow, I will be thinking about all of you eating Turkey dinner, oh that sounds so good....Happy Thanksgiving....:-) Hugs