Walking for Exercise and Pleasure

We began our 30 minute walk on this beautiful afternoon at THE CROWS CORNER - a delightful shop full of crafts and antiques in Edgerton, OH.  While walking in the interesting neighborhoods of this small town, I found these hydrangeas cut and lying on the curb.  I brought them home and will figure out a way to work them into my Christmas decorations.

Walking for exercise and pleasure is a wonderful combination!


  1. Walking does have it's benefits, doesn't it!

  2. What a good idea Rebecca. I shall refer to you when I feel the need to craft! I always find it interesting seeing other peoples ideas, please post your results! Love Di

  3. Rebecca, I wish I lived closer to you so that I could enjoy walking with you, you seem to enjoy yourself so much and I love how you find such beautiful things, I hope you post how you incorporate these flowers into your Christmas decorations........:-) Hugs