Fill 'er Up!

"Why Don't You.. Think Of Your Body As A Car and Fuel it Accordingly?"...begins this great post.  "We all know that good nutrition is vital, but in a sea of non-fat, low-fat and full-fat foods, it can be difficult to know which is the best possible decision to make when it comes to healthy eating choices. So instead of deliberating over countless food labels..."

You need to go there and read the rest of it for yourself.  So, click here and read up!


  1. Good article and it's true. I'm trying to adopt what some call the French way of eating, meaning to enjoy quality food that makes me content with a little instead of settling for food that leaves me wanting more because it wasn't satisfying.

  2. good article...I totally agree with what she said about chocolate! I love it, but hate to waste the fat & calories on candy bars that taste like paraffin wax!

  3. Wow, thank-you so much for linking to my article! :) How lovely!