Healthy Holiday Tip #12

I didn't go "whole hog" on Christmas decorating this year.  But I DID get out all the red candles I have!  I grouped them on our coffee table and in another spot in the room.  Now while some enjoy candles for purely decorative purposes -- for their colors or shapes, others burn them to create an ambiance in a room. Softly flickering candlelight can be soothing and help us relax. This is why I enjoy candle light!  Candles help me transition into the specialness of the evening-- rather like changing into casual clothes when you come home from work. This routine allows your mind to shift into relaxation.

Appropriate relaxation is healthy.  And remember the observation in Health Tip #11:  "Less stress means less thoughtless eating."


  1. I love candles, so cozy and comforting.

  2. I agree that less stress means less thoughtless eating. Candles are a great idea.

  3. Candles are wonderful stress relievers. As soon as you light one and sit by its warm glow, you feel your body began to relax.

    Thank you dear friend for looks so homey and inviting.



  4. Rebecca, I burn candles all year round but they are especially lovely at this time of year......:-) Hugs