Healthy Holiday Tip #13

You may or may not agree with this one, but I am finding that it is important to step on the scale every morning between Thanksgiving and New Years Day.  While experts may advise otherwise (especially during the rest of the year), for me it is essential for several reasons. 
  • 1)  It keeps me mindful of my resolution to maintain my weight.  I worked too hard to get here!  I don't want to give up what I have gained as a result my exercise and healthy eating the past few months.
  • 2)  With extra-busy and/or irregular schedules, it is easy to lose track of time.  For me, it doesn't take many days to gain a pound, then two, then three....  
  • 3)  Weighing in each morning helps me make a sensible plan for eating that day. 
  • 4)  An extra pound registered is good motivation to increase exercise time during the day.  An extra walk or longer workout matches any weight gained with profitable activity.
  • 5)  The reward of seeing the scale register "no weight gained" is GREAT incentive to continue making healthy choices.
For me, WEIGHING is the WAY to enter the New Year with no regrets in the healthy habits category.


  1. this makes perfect sense to me. I'm a bit jealous of the awesome achievement you had this year. I need to get to the "no more excuses" phase :)

  2. I agree. I weigh myself every morning regardless because it does help remind me that I'm working toward a goal.

  3. I also weigh daily. It's amazing how much weight you can gain in a week if you aren't watching it--especially when you have "Merry Munchies" two days a week at work during the month of December! Those calories can really add up fast!

  4. I have been frightened to get on the scales since Thanksgiving....your right I have got to do this.....:-) Hugs