Healthy Holiday Tip #22

NEVER GIVE UP is my tip for today.  And I need it!

No matter how many home-made caramels you ate.  No matter that you ate 12 dark chocolate truffles from the bag. In the car. Before you got home from the gift exchange.  No matter that the day went by and you didn't get your 30 minute walk in. No matter that the scale shows you gained 2 pounds for the first time in six months of consistent loss or maintenance. No matter WHAT.  Never give up.  Begin where you left off and keep going strong!


  1. Great tip! His mercy is new every morning... And, I am so thankful because I need it daily!

    Taking steps to re-establish my good eating habits again, as the holidays still aren't over!


  2. That's right, Rebecca. Never give up! It's hard at this time of the year, with the holidays and all. But I will NEVER give up! Thanks for the reminder. Sincerely, Susan from

  3. Thanks Rebecca!
    And I love these comments!
    Together we can "re-group" and continue to see success in 2010. GOD is able and HE will be our help.
    Advent Blessings and Healthy New Year!

  4. I really appreciate this very encouraging post. All those reasons you listed would want to make someone give up.... but we don't have to. We can pick up where we left off and continue forward!

    Thank you for sharing.