Healthy Holiday Tip #15

She went grocery shopping while hungry!  "The cardinal sin", she called it.  In an honest post written with her usual insight, Cindy at Lose the Excuses, Lose the Weight gave me my 15th Healthy Holiday Tip. Thanks, Cindy.

It happens to all of us!  During the holidays, additional temptations lurk in the grocery aisles.  Beautifully packaged candies, baked goods, and even samples of appetizers call out from the shelves and tables.  My grocery store includes a Starbucks from which the scent of holiday coffee flavors waft enticingly throughout the entire shopping experience!

It helps to know it's going to happen and to take appropriate steps to resist the urge to indulge--even "just this once."  Some ideas to get you through....
  • Shop with a list.
  • Shop with a satisfied tummy.
  • Have a piece of hard candy or gum if the temptation gets REALLY strong.
Do you have other ways to get through grocery shopping without succumbing to the munchies?


  1. Another great idea sweetie, have a great weekend.....:-) hugs

  2. The gum or mint idea is a good one. I had Altoids right there in my purse and didn't even think about it but I will next time! I promise to follow your suggestions next time I go grocery shopping!

  3. Just popped in to see if my comment posted this time and it did......yeaaaaaaaa! :-) Hugs