Healthy Holiday Tip #18

OK.  This one DIDN'T come from "O" Magazine.  But I don't think I've  listed it yet....and it should be an easy one to implement during the holidays.

Wear red!  That's right.  Apparently it revs you up!  One study showed that athletes who wore red were more likely to win!  So, to "win" during the Christmas holiday and beyond, try wearing red.

Now that opens a whole subject that would best be addressed on my wardrobe blog.  I remember years ago when I was tested and discovered to be a winter person (based on skin tone, etc.).  I was given swatches of various colors to carry when shopping so that I could select clothing that would complement my "season".  I believe "my" red was to have a blue undertone......  Whatever!

No label on this post.  I couldn't think what category to put it in. By the way, did anyone else go to one of those parties or read books and articles to tell you what seasonal category you fell into?  (I somehow remember being draped with a large white collar and sitting under a bright light.....)


  1. My best shades of red are the more toned-down versions. No candy-apple or fire engine red for me!

  2. My hubby likes me in red, so that is good news.

  3. I am a summer but there are times I do wear red and it always has a blue undertone....not one of the best colors for me but I love it especially this time of I have a red plaid top with matching plaid earrings I wear together and I love the look....:-) Hugs

  4. Aha, Bernie! You DO remember. As I recall, there were seminars, books, home parties...quite an enterprise built around this at one time.

  5. I love red!
    But funny, I don't own many red things.

    I've never been 'colored' or 'seasoned' or whatever they call it. I did go to a home make-up party once (I think it was Mary Kay) and I was told I have very pink undertones and shouldn't wear pink or red (make-up or clothing), and then at a make-up counter I was told that I had very blue undertones and that I should wear pink and red!! Go figure!