Day 2 of 7

This morning for breakfast I finished a small container of peach light yogurt.  Around 1:00 we ate our lunch/dinner.  I fixed some steamable mixed vegetables.  I'd never bought these (frozen) before, but they were on sale a couple of weeks ago.  They were VERY good.  I ate a large portion with just a little seasoning and Parmesan cheese sprinkled on them.  I also ate some applesauce.

For my husband,  I added a side of a fettuccine alfredo with some chicken from the rotisserie chicken I'd purchased yesterday.

This 7-Day Plan is doable. I'm glad I started it yesterday.  I may fix a bowl of oatmeal tonight if I get hungry or eat a handful of almonds.  Or maybe I won't be hungry!  I plan to walk and rebound inside around 4:00 this afternoon.  I need to finish the month strong in the exercise department!   (To keep me honest, I post my exercise minutes in a list in my sidebar.  By referencing it, I can see if  I'm on target with my goal of never letting 2 days pass in a row without 30 minutes of exercise.)

How are YOU doing?  Do you "keep track" of your exercise?  How?

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