After a couple of days of fuzzy fitness, I'm back to clarity!  I've walked & rebounded for 30 minutes and have a concrete plan to follow for eating healthy foods today. 

How do YOU sharpen YOUR fitness focus? 


  1. Oh Rebecca I am failing at this right now, every day I plan on getting back to my routine and every day I allow something to interfer with my plans....I just have to smarten up. Have a great day and am so proud for you...Hugs

  2. Until yesterday, I had not put on my walking shoes, not to mention walk. I used all kinds of excuses, to cold, tired, wait!.
    Before Company came at Christmas I was walking 15 miles each week, and doing really well. but when everyone came i just slipped back into the habit of procrastination.
    I just decided that no one was going to do it for me, and that it is my responsibility to exercise and eat right, So I put those shoes on and went, needless to say, there was such a great feeling.
    So I am glad to be back to clarity thinking and so glad you are too.

  3. We keep our eyes upon the prize.

  4. Hi Rebecca,

    I really appreciated today's post on your "Journaling" Blog. Couldn't figure out how to leave a comment. Thanks for the encouraging and convicting insights!
    Blessings ~

  5. I've got to get one of those small rebounders like you have. It pains me that I threw one out a couple years ago.