Day 3 of 7

For our main meal today, I prepared a salad of iceberg lettuce, chopped broccoli, walnuts, raisins, a hard boiled egg and tomato.  A side of chopped chicken made it heartier for my husband along with some saltine crackers.

We finished it off with an apple.

Tonight I meet a friend at a coffee shop.  I will have a cup of decaf coffee instead of something fancy.

A handful of almonds and a slow snack of 2 T. peanut butter with either another apple or a pear will be enough for me today.

I'm still liking this plan!


  1. I really like this plan you are using.

  2. sounds like it's both healthy and tastes good...that's the trick.

  3. that looks good, I Love all kinds af veggies, I cant eat spinich though, I break out all over :(

  4. do you ever stuff celery sticks with your peanut butter, and top with raisens? Also apple slices and peanut butter go well together. Are you eating this salad without any dressing?? And I would have a hard time leaving off cheese. Are you eating two or three meals a day? Are you not eating any meat? Beans? Help me here Rebecca! I dropped the bomb on hubby that we are doing a 5 day "short assignment" next week. LOL!

  5. This salad sounds really good especially the walnuts and raisons. Do you find this is filling, as good as it sounds I am thinking I may still be hungry.....:-) Hugs

  6. It was filling enough for me. I did eat a half of a banana, sliced in two, and spread with peanut butter around 5:00 before I went to meet a friend for coffee. And I just had coffee, too! No specialty drink tonight.

  7. Rebecca, that salad looks FABULOUS!
    Thanks for sharing the ingredients... I just LOVE putting nuts of any sort in my salad!
    It's what keep me feeling full ... not to mention the great Omegas!
    take care~ Maria