The Scale is a Good Consultant

 I confess that I went to bed last night feeling a bit hungry.  But I resisted the urge to snack.  I knew that eating even one thing would lead to eating more.  (The strong coffee I drank at the coffee shop didn't help the condition of my stomach any either.)

At any rate, I got up this morning, weighed as I usually do and was THRILLED to see results already on the scale.  Yes, I'm one of those who still thinks that in the business of weight management the scale is a good consultant.

I am encouraged to continue my vegetable/fruit plan.  After today, I am over halfway finished!


  1. I so very much admire your discipline. You are truly an inspiration!!

  2. I too admire you. I need to become a healthier person at almost 60 and your blog is an inspiration. I need to find out how you have done this.

  3. Were you able to go right to sleep? You are so good Rebecca and deserve all your success..Hugs

  4. Thanks, Deb.

    Linda, I will write you some particulars but it's mostly small portions, healthy food choices (little sugar and cut back on pasta and breads) and exercise.

    Bernie, Yeah. I slept OK. I shouldn't have had the strong coffee though. I would have slept much better.