It Pays!

Saturday I bought a rotisserie chicken at the grocery store. Sometimes it is on sale for $4.99 (but not Saturday). However,  it is always a treat to bring the chicken home DONE! My husband took the meat off the bones and we discarded the skin. Then we enjoyed a serving each on a reduced-price Greek salad from the deli ("sell by today"). It was delicious. We still have at least two (maybe three) more meals to enjoy from Saturday's chicken! I might try one of the following:
  •  Add to frozen mixed vegetables and some chicken broth or bouillon for soup (or to canned vegetable soup).
  •  Season with taco seasoning for tacos or fajitas.
  •  Use in a stir fry with fresh vegetables and a helping of rice.
  • Add to marinara sauce and enjoy on a serving of whole wheat pasta.
  •  "White" pizza on whole wheat crust.
  •  Serve in a whole wheat wrap for lunch.
  •  Chicken salad. I'm still looking for a good, low fat recipe. Any suggestions? (I HAVE used 1/2 plain yogurt and 1/2 mayo. (I'm not too fond of "light" mayo")
  •  A breakfast burrito or in an omelet.
The calories in a single serving of chicken (about 3 oz.) range from 140-170.  It's important to remember portion sizes and NOT eat the skin to enjoy the benefits of this low fat menu item!

Do you have any OTHER ideas for left-over chicken?


  1. I think you have covered all the ideas of how to serve chicken Rebecca and they all sound really good.......:-) Hugs

  2. Hi Rebecca! Rotisserie chicken is a dinner saver!
    Since summer, our local grocery story (Hannaford) cooks up what they call "Nature's Place" chickens. I believe they are free-range...and so, so lean! They either cost the same or a dollar more... (depending on sales).
    We are also saving $ on electricity... imagine, about 2 hours of oven time!
    Blessings every day!

  3. Hi Rebecca,
    Funny that you had rotisserie chicken last night. We did too - and with some deli pasta salad! If we lived closer, we could have shared a meal and not had leftovers...

    I thank you for your kind wishes to me.

  4. We eat it with broccoli slaw, mandarin orange slices, sunflower seeds and Marzetti's cold slaw dressing (cut with some of the mandarin orange juice)- salt and pepper to taste.

  5. I buy a rotisserie chicken almost every week in the warm months to make a Chicken Caesar Salad for a light summer dinner. Taking the skin off is key. For some of the other dishes, I have also had good luck with Perdue Short Cuts.

  6. Try using low fat, low carb pitas and make chicken-veggie pizzas.
    I can't resist those rotisserie chickens when they are $4.99!

  7. Jacquelyn, that sounds wonderful! I forget about pita sometimes. We always have some whole wheat tortillas & I use those a lot... (We just got done eating some chicen I'd put in crock pot with rice, some leftover onions, mushrooms & tomatoes. It made a fine crock-casserole!)

  8. Jess - that sounds wonderful. I'll try it next time!