Day 7 - I CAN Do It

"It takes 6 months to get into shape and 2 weeks to get out of shape. Once you know this you can stop being angry about other things in life and only be angry about this."
Rita Rudner

I copied this from Bluebird Notes.  I don't know if it's actually fact or fiction, but I know it's how it seems! And, of course, it isn't an excuse to be angry at anything.  Rather it is incentive to get in shape and STAY in shape.    Thus, my current tools (pictured here) along with healthy eating.  
I CAN do it!  WE can do it!


  1. YES, We Can!
    Praise GOD for the motivation and His help!

  2. Interesting timing on this entry. I went out yesterday to upgrade my 3 lb hand weights to 5 lb and while i was at Walmart decided to get a rebounder. I have been looking for a deal but got tired of waiting. There was a time you could get them at every garage sale for $5 but I think the resurgence in popularity is making used ones more scarce. Of course now they're fancy with foldable frame, arm resistance bands, and electronic meter. They had to add some gadgets to justify charging $30.

    I got rid of mine years ago -- back when I thought anything short of running 5 miles didn't even qualify as a workout. But recently I've been seeing some good press (including yours) on the benefits of rebounding, so decided to give it another try. It is now occupying the spot in the garage where my beloved departed garage sale eliptical machine used to sit.

    Just thought you'd want to know how you are influencing me for good.

  3. I started back at Curves and am enjoying it, I do have a machine at home and it would be cheaper but I like the company and also I am more able to go to Curves than exercise at home.......:-) Hugs

  4. Great job, Rebecca! You truly are inspiring. Glad to see you are using weights. Try to use a weight that is heavy enough to truly work the muscle. You'd know it's the correct weight if by the time you do your 8-10 repetition the muscle is fatigued and it is difficult to do that last one. I've started doing weight training with my husband at the gym and although the scale hasn't moved too drastically, I have lost almost two dress sizes, from a size 14 down to a size 12.

    You have motivated me to begin this coming week to incorporate your idea of 7 days of vegetables, fruits, nuts, yogurt and oatmeal.