Things I Didn't Eat on Day 5

french fries, garlic bread, turtle blizzard, latte grande, fresh donuts, Big Mac, Snicker candy bar, Almond Joy candy bar, Heath candy bar, Hawaiian bread with spinach dip, peanuts with chocolate chips and raisins, bacon, hot fudge sundae, Moose Tracks ice cream, brownies, hazelnut cappuccino, potato chips, buttered popcorn, sausage gravy and biscuits, chocolate chip cookies, nacho chips with melted cheese, loaded baked potato, elephant ears, breaded pork tenderloin sandwich, Milky Way candy bar, Hershey Kisses, taco pizza on pan crust (Pizza Hut)...


  1. What did you eat my friend......reading this post has made me hungry as I wait for my cream of brocolli soup to heat, am going to have it with whole wheat toast for my supper....Hugs

  2. Good for you, Bernie. And sorry. I didn't mean to make you hungry.

    I had a great salad for lunch and some mixed fresh fruit for snack tonight.

  3. Hey Friend,
    Glad that you are enjoying those showers! LOL
    Another challenge we face in my recovery is the variety of foods that people are bringing us. Of course the temptation is to justify a wider variety of food to help with the healing process. MOST desserts go right out the back door to a neighbor though! Yeah GOD!
    Looking forward to getting back to our diet focused mainly on vegetables and chicken.
    Glad to know that you and I share another common bond...singing to the LORD!
    I have a worshipper's heart and led worship at our small church in Austin, TX and another time for Women's Aglow Fellowship.
    Sing On Sister in Christ!

  4. WILL POWER ! you have amazing will power.