Day 2 - 30 Minutes

It was still dark when I left the front door at 5:05 this morning. The birds had already been singing for at least a half hour while I lay in bed deciding to get up. The lights on our shed were crowned by a sliver of moon covered by a thin cloud. I fell once before getting to the bakery. My cell phone was thrust open to the ground some feet ahead of me. I decided to continue but didn't wander far from home this time. Just walked past the bakery and up and down a few well-constructed sidewalks with safe curbing.


  1. Bless your heart, I pray you did not hurt yourself sweetie.

  2. Just some skin off the elbow and a bruised spot on my hip. (But I bruise easily.) I'll be fine. I was tempted to just go home, but decided I COULD walk and had made the decision on Sunday to do I brushed myself off and thanked God it was still dark so no one saw me fall :)

  3. Good for you for walking. It is scary to fall! I am still taking Ibruprofen for my sore body from a fall over a week ago. Back to walking, my exercise instructor encourages us to take a walk in the morning and again in the afternoon--to get our metabolism fired again. It really helps me when I do that. Lately, I have been biking in the afternoon instead. You will be glad if you keep it up.

  4. Dear Rebecca,

    I am so glad that you are sticking to this...My prayers are with you that you don't fall again, but maybe you need to walk at 5:30am instead?

    I also woke up at 5:00am but decided to do mild stretching, too much going on with my daughter right now to take walks around the river. But I know I'll be back to them.

    I have lost another are an inspiration my friend ;-)


    lady m

  5. Rebeeca, I so admire you for your early rising and walking. I am praying for God to give me more discipline is this area. I am very sorry that you fell, and I'm glad you're ok. But, do please be careful.

    You are such a precious woman of God, and in the short time I've known you, you have already inspired me much.

    Thank you for your comments. Many, many blessings to you today, dear friend.

    In His Love,