Inspiration and Motivation to Keep On Keeping On

Need more motivation? Heart Choices is a good blog written by a sister in Christ Jesus. Click here. Then scroll down in the right hand side bar to find the label "Fitness Friday"in her Blog Archive and click on that. Following each post are three more related articles. They are upbeat, inspiring, and helpful.


  1. I am honored that you linked to me! Thank you for trusting me by sharing Heart Choices with your blog readers. I'm so glad to "meet you". I love to get to know other sisters in Christ. I think it helps when we can encourage one another. Our bodies are a temple of the Holy Spirit and we need to care for them properly so we can be about the work He has prepared for each of us. Bless you.

  2. Thanks, Rebecca. The switch is still on and I had a good week. Hope you did also. Blessings,