Three Hershey Bars Later

In the middle of research, shuffling between Goggle and Microsoft Word, I lost connection with my server. "The internal wireless device is set to Radio Off in BIOS Setup or powered off by the hardware switch," the script informed me.

I tried unsuccessfully to locate BIOS or my hardware switch. Then my husband went to the phone and used most of his monthly cellphone minutes to (also unsuccessfully) work with a person on the other end to restore functionality to my ailing laptop.

Me? I ate three Hershey dark chocolate candy bars (with almonds) in 30 minutes. That's right! After 60 days of healthy eating, I turned to chocolate. Not a glass of water. Not a walk around the block. Not even prayer.

I think this is what they call stress eating. And all it got me was guilt, more stress, and three candy bar wrappers to throw away. This morning, I'm using my husband's laptop. Mine will be taken to the shop. I think I'm learning my lesson and can avoid the candy bars that remain until I have my laptop back.
Oh what peace we often forfeit!
Oh what needless pain we bear.
All because we do not carry
Everything to God in prayer.


  1. Well they look little and they were dark chocolate which is so much better than the milk chocolate that I like and then you had those nutritious almonds too..sounds like a health snack to me (but don't listen to me, this is my chocolate side speaking :-) ).

  2. If possible i would have ate one for you. I have had a problem trying to leave a comment to you. A pop up tells me it has to abort , then closes down.Do you think the problem may be on your end? Also want to let you know i love your pictures of flowers collection. Dee

  3. Oh I love chocolate and I cannot have it in the house or I can't control myself and will eat it until it's gone. Now don't worry about it, it's done and your back on the right path. I hope you enjoyed them though, have a wonderful day.....:-) Hugs

  4. ...but I bet they were really good to the last bite...dark chocolate is healthy so don't feel so guilty...I'm going to go eat chcolate now! :)

  5. Dee, The problem MAY be on my end, but your comment is here. Maybe it is something about my laptop being down....and using my husband's??? But that really shouldn't be....Oh dear, I don't know much. I wonder if Bernie or Wanda or Marcy had the same problem? Anyway, thanks for saying you would have eaten one of the candy bars for me :)

  6. Bless your dear heart. Stress is such a joy stealer, and is straight from satan. Please do not beat yourself up over this, tomorrow is a new day my friend.

  7. Rebecca, I am still laughing, been there done that!!! don't feel guilty just remember how great they tasted, and tell yourself that a friend (me)said she read that chocolate was good for you. lol Now where did I hide my Hershey bar???? I am a stress eater too!!

  8. Oh my, I cannot even comment because I did so poorly this week with all of the yummy snacks brought by cousins--many were homemade. Yum!

    Now, I have rhubarb needing to be pulled and used. Maybe I can freeze it. Today is a new day.

  9. Finally read your hershey bar blog entry... Don't know why I waited so long, because it's really good and "spot on"! Great Truth shared too.

    Thank you for sharing. I needed to be 'gently' reminded again... Blessings friend!

  10. Dear Rebecca,

    Don't feel bad. I have been able to woof down those 8 packs of kit kat bars sold at the dollar store in about an hour's time. You are right, that is stress eating... everything to God in prayer. What truth this is. This is something the Lord has been laying on my heart for the past several months. May He give us the will to do just that and not look to food for comfort.

    Mrs. Teapot