Finishing What I Begin

In the closing session of the conference we recently attended, Bishop Ron Ramsey challenged us to be "finishers". Using the illustration of a Tanzanian long distance runner in a 60's Summer Olympics, he told how the runner finished in agony--dead last and long after the other runners. When interviewed, the Tanzanian said his country didn't send him to the race to start the race -- but to finish it.

I am not a very good finisher. I am easily distracted and leave too many things undone. I have a fresh resolve to practice finishing in the "lesser" areas of my life so that I will be a strong finisher in life and hear the Father's "Well done" when I arrive at my heavenly home.

I am very close to my long-desired weight goal. I am tempted to slack off. But by God's grace and with His help, I will stay in to the end.

Don't be surprised to hear that I have set a new goal weight. Until then, I will be grateful and thrilled to reach THIS one.


  1. Oh Dear friend,

    This post is so encouraging! It is so true, we are meant to be finishers.


    lady m

  2. Hi Rebecca! Thank you for visiting my blog! I look forward to reading through your blogs and yes, we do need to encourage one another!

    Have a blessed day!