Walking-Week 2 Complete

I opened the front door this morning at 4:40. A sweet breeze greeted me and a look up at the sky blessed my eyes with a clear view of stars and planets! Thus my 5th and final day of Walking-Week 2 began beautifully.

Next week will be more of a challenge. Two of our grandchildren will spend a few days with us. I'm sure I'll be putting the "steps" in, but whether they will have the same benefit as walking 30 minutes consecutively, I'm not sure! Maybe if I get creative and have unusual energy, I can sneak my 30 minute walks in somehow!


  1. Is there a nearby park where you can walk while they play?

  2. Wow! Great idea! We live just a block from the park actually! (Although they know a BETTER park in a nearby town - but I don't feel as comfortable walking there...) Thanks for the idea.

  3. Congratulations on accomplishing your goal for week two.

    May you be refreshed this weekend and ready for the grandchildren come next week.

    Mrs. Teapot

  4. Congrats on completeing week two sweetie.