She Talks to Herself, Too! (See my very first post - June 1, 2009)

I asked Brenda for permission to post her comments that I read on another blog SOMEWHERE out there. She consented.

Here are the things I tell myself. I thought about expanding this list. It does help me to talk to myself like this. . .

1. One day at a time.

2. It does not taste that good.

3. You are not that hungry.

4. The good feeling and tasting is so temporary.

5. Go for a walk.

6. I do not regret today what I did not eat yesterday.

7. All I need is one taste.

8. Eating something leftover is just as wasteful as throwing it away and probably more dangerous to my health.

9. Do you want to be full or thin?

I find this rationale and "self-talk" to be helpful!

Some of it (like #6 & #9) are statements that that are new to me.

Thanks, Brenda!


  1. Fortunately, it has become quite acceptable to talk to yourself. If you are concerned about being caught, just get yourself a little earpiece and stick one end of the cord in a pocket. I would love to hear some more things that dieters are saying. After awhile, I need new ideas as I start arguing my familiar self talk.

  2. Dear Rebecca,

    I'm so glad you left a comment on my blog. Someone in blog land mentioned your blog, but I lost the information, and it was hard to remember where I got the info. to begin with.

    Then I see your name on my blog, and I was thrilled. You don't know how encouraged I am to visit here. Thank you for the motivation and being such a wonderful example.

    I only wish I would have found you sooner, but still glad I found you when I did anyway.

    Mrs. Teapot