Dear Me...A Letter to Myself

Dear Me,

A new week has begun. Summer, too! A season of salads--vegetables and fruit. A season of health and harvests. You have been diligent in establishing some habits that are important for both life AND godliness.

From past experience, you know how quickly these habits can dissipate! So don't get complacent. Don't get lazy. Don't let the heat of the morning dissuade you from the 30 minute walks, 5 days out of 7!

The achievement of your 159# goal was a long time in coming. But having arrived, aren't you motivated for one more weight goal? Say, "149#" by August 15th? Then you should be able to "shop your closet" and assemble a free autumn wardrobe. How exciting will that be?

That will be a great time to organize and weed out your closet. So don't get weighed down by that concern. Just write it down in your date book and take care of TODAY! Till then, rely on God's grace and power which provide EVERYTHING you need for life and godliness through the knowledge of Him who called you to his own glory and excellence. (II Peter 1:3)


  1. Good for you, Rebecca! I am doing another Weight Loss Challenge--this time with cousins ending on August 8th. Of course, as I mentioned before, I really want to be on my own personal challenge for one year--which will be March 5, 2010. Wouldn't it be great if it were habit after that? Blessings on you.

  2. It should be habit - don't they say 21 days? The secret is not to BREAK the habit. I've never heard how long it takes to BREAK a habit :)

  3. This was a wonderful post, enjoyed it sweetie.

  4. Oh my, what a great letter!

    You are absolutely right, when I put the goals small enought to reach them, I don't feel overwhelmed at all. Once I reach it, then a new goal goes on ;)

    Thank you again for your inspiring words and for egging us on!

    lady m