Motivation to Live Well

"One of the most satisfying feelings--more satisfying than the temptation itself is when one can say, ’I could have, but I didn’t!’" (from 6/20/09)

Yes, I actually DO read these quotes. (They change daily in my sidebar here on this blog.) I find them to live up to the name: "MOTIVATION TO LIVE WELL"! My personal addition to the one for today is: Equally satisfying is to be able to say, "I SHOULD have, and I DID!" I look back on this week of walking and am truly satisfied. Beyond satisfied, actually! I'm relieved, encouraged, righteously (I hope) proud, and motivated for another week of healthy living.
Thank You, Heavenly Father.
Your grace, power and presence keep me going.
My life IS in You.


  1. Oh how wonderful! You know everytime I come for a visit I see your ticker for the pounds lost and is quite an encouragement.

    I also like the "motivation" fact if you don't mind, I would like to put them on my main blog, they are definately encouraging and inspiring.


    lady m

  2. Of course, you are welcome. Just click on the "add this to your site" and follow instructions!

    And if you see my "ticker" you see that I have decided to lose 10 more pounds. That will put me below 150# which is probably right for me at this age.