No Excuses! Passion and Steadfastness in Exercise, Life and Godliness

I WISH it was this cool!
The humidity and heat that greeted me this morning told me not to walk outdoors. So, I did my 2 mile indoor walking routine (Thanks, Leslie Samsone). It is firmly ingrained in my head thanks to an extended fitness routine I engaged in some years ago.

I turned on the TV and found Victory in Jesus. As I walked, I was taught! The teaching was from James 5. Two truths stood out to me. First, it is the PASSIONATE (read "fervent" in some translations) PRAYER that is powerful and effective (verse 15). I need to be, I WANT to be more PASSIONATE in my prayer life! Secondly, the OUTCOME of steadfastness is God's merciful and compassionate blessing (consider the outcome of Job's - verse 11).

All this - and exercise, too! Thank you, my Lord!